Pastor Jill Neilson

Pastor Jill is a profound woman of wisdom and strength who has earned a reputation of proven character and integrity. She is both courageous and tenacious as she take’s bold assignments for the sake of the call!

Jill’s experience as a pastor, evangelist, teacher and apostle has equipped her with a skill set few achieve. She has spoken all across Canada, the U.S.A. and more than 13 other nations of the world.

In 2018 Jill and her husband Randy celebrated 50 years of love and marriage. They have 3 grown sons and seven grandchildren. They live in Brampton and pastor Bramalea Christian Fellowship.

Q: How do you know if you are called into the ministry?

A: First, we need to understand every believer is called to ministry. “To seek and to save the lost.” Then some are called into what we know as a full-time vocational ministry.

As the Bible speaks of the fivefold ministry, apostle, pastor, evangelist, teacher, the prophet. The call of God is individual and very personal. Many people get stars in their eyes and have the wrong concept of what ministry is.

When you are called a few things happen. The still small voice of God is gently pushing you to greater service. A love for serving people grows. You are willing to do anything for the gospel.

You look for opportunities to serve and don’t wait to be asked. You prepare yourself by studying His Word because you love Him, not so you can be used. Others in full-time ministry start to notice the call on your life. Most important your Pastor will confirm the call.

There is so much more but these are few keys.

Q: What kind of accountability should there be in ministry?

A: We are not called to be lone rangers. We are the army of God. Every army has an order and accountability. I am accountable to God first, then to my husband and my Pastor, and then to ministry people in authority over me.

I am even accountable to those waiting to hear the good news through me. Integrity is important to me so I have always had had others that are doing more than me, accomplishing things I believe God has for me, to speak into my life.

Let them ask you the hard questions and be open and honest in your answers. We have blind spots and need them to speak into our lives. We need each other. Together we will rise in our calling and see the gospel of the kingdom preached to every ethnic group, then the end will come.

Q: I'm single how can I find a man to marry?

A: God declares, Provers 18:22 “He that finds a wife finds a good thing”. He finds her.

It doesn’t say:
-she that flirts and gets his attention.
-she that goes to single groups looking will find God’s best for her life.

Just as God directs everything in our life He will direct us to marry the right person. You are called to serve God with all your strength and might and trust Him for the best for your life. A friend of mine had determined to marry a minister of the gospel. But there was none interested in her.

A few men in the church tried but she determined to stay with what God spoke to her. They thought she was proud and religious. She continued to serve and love God. Served her local church and when she least expected it… a visiting evangelist saw her and talked with her pastor. Months later I received a wedding invitation. Many are in such a rush that they join unequally yoked.

I think that means more than just unsaved with saved – if you are a Holy Spirit-filled, tongue talking, devil chasing, woman of God – don’t marry someone content to attend 1 service a week. You will not change them. Married life is long term and not fun with the wrong person.

Better single fulfilled in God than married to the wrong person. Trust God as you trust Him for anything else in your life. Don’t focus on marriage! Focus on serving God. “He will supply your need according to his riches in glory.”

Q: People are always offending me… How do I make them kinder to me?

A: We live in an age where anger and selfishness are everywhere. We need to recognize we can’t change others. We can only change ourselves. Everything in this world is becoming offensive.

Start by treating others as you would like to be treated. Proverbs 19:19 says, Deep down, they are miserable. Don’t let their misery stick to you. Be wise, stay calm when insulted. Deflect anger with a gentle response.” Hurt people hurt others. Only Jesus can set us free.

Start to see offense as sin. Ephesians 4:26 “Be angry and sin not.” Practice following Jesus’ example. 1 Peter 2:23 in the Message Bible says, “This is the kind of life you’ve been invited into, the kind of life Christ lived. He suffered everything that came his way so you would know that it could be done, and also know how to do it, step by step”. We have the life of God in us as born again believers. If that life is in us we will choose not to take offense. Practice using the anointed word “NO” when offense knocks on your door.


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